Coach Access

If you are visiting us by coach, please ensure that you have informed your coach company of the access arrangements, detailed below, prior to your visit.

Please note that standard 12m coaches or smaller should be used as these are able to access and park at Riverhill. Use of a larger coach is not permitted as they will not be able to drive down the drive. We do not permit coaches to park at the entrance of the drive, they must drive down the drive and park in front of the house to drop off groups.

Entering Riverhill Himalayan Gardens

Please note that coaches can only access our entrance coming downhill from Sevenoaks (i.e. Heading South from Sevenoaks on the A225). Please do not attempt to turn right from the A225 into our entrance.

Coach Parking

Parking for coaches is in front of the house, and is provided free of charge, but there is limited availability so please talk to us about this in advance. We can fit in a maximum of two coaches at any one time, the below photos show how your coach driver must park, depending on whether you are coming with one or two coaches.