Families ♡ Riverhill

We believe that a great recipe for a memorable family day out involves adventure and exploration. We want families and garden lovers to spend time together, exploring Riverhill and discovering a taste of the Himalayas. Click on the signs to find out more...

Spend time together exploring our woodland, building your own secret camps and dens.

Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive Riverhill Yeti as you explore the 'Den Building Trail'.  Don't forget your camera and if you do manage to get a picture of this notoriously shy creature please post these on our Facebook page.

Please note we have found that the best times for spotting the Yeti tend to be between 2-4pm at weekends and during school holidays!

Calling all young adventurers! Climb into the trees to explore our specially designed Plant Hunter’s Hideout. Scramble up the nets to re-live the adventures of the daring explorers who journeyed in search of rare plants and seeds. From your lookout, can you spot the rare ‘Rhododendron Falconeri’, grown from a seed from the Himalayas?

Marked by a Kentish Ragstone cairn and described as ‘one of the finest views in Kent’, you will definitely be rewarded for your climb. Please allow some time to enjoy this rare opportunity to see up to 20 miles across the Weald of Kent. Use our viewpoint map to orientate yourself and to pick out points of interest.

Lose yourself in our hedge maze, designed by Adrian Fisher, the world's leading maze designer. Based on the patterns found in Tibetan wood carvings its intricate design means that reaching the middle can be quite a challenge!


What will you
remember doing?

“I liked looking for the keys”
Ben (aged 4)

“Building dens with Dad. Mine had three spy holes”
Josh  (aged 8)

“Balancing on the spinning log and climbing in the tree house”
Alexandra (aged 7)