There’s so much to explore at Riverhill Himalayan Gardens

Have a great family day out in the most imaginative garden to visit in Kent. Learn about the plants bought back from the Himalayas, build dens together, discover secret pathways and incredible views and perhaps even spot the elusive Yeti!

Our very successful 2011 season ended on 11th September. We are now busy working on a number of exciting new projects for next season - keep up with developments by following us on Facebook or Twitter or by subscribing to our Newsletter.

I was 21 when my father died suddenly and it was with some trepidation that I took up the reins of Riverhill. I had grown up here and so knew every secret path and hiding place, but now it was different; the very walls I had hidden behind were now mine to repair! Thankfully, I haven't had to face this alone. Four generations of the family currently live at Riverhill and we are all very much involved.

My great-great-great grandfather bought Riverhill in 1840. In its glory days it was fully staffed both inside and outside, but after the Second World War it entered a period of decline. We now face significant restoration projects in the house and gardens.

In 2009 we were approached by Ruth Watson and the 'Country House Rescue' team and their subsequent involvement has been invaluable. A team of volunteers now assist us, visitor numbers have vastly increased and the resulting income has meant that we have taken significant steps on the restoration ladder. It is great that so many families enjoy exploring the gardens and woodland, discovering its magic as I did as a boy and as our children do today.

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