What a relief it is to have some rain after such a dry start to the season! Ed is thrilled that his thirsty maze trees are getting a good drink. I hope that it now stops in time for the children's summer holidays. We have been busy finalising details for our events programme - there is a lot going on over the next 2 months.

Thank you to The Sevenoaks Broadmead Beavers - you built some fantastic dens during your visit on Wednesday evening! We were really impressed and the Yeti is grateful for the extra shelter on such stormy days!

Regular visitors will have noticed a big change to our plant stall. Ed's grandmother is still propagating specialist 'Riverhill' plants but we now have a new plant supplier who keeps the shop stocked with seasonal flowering plants. They look fantastic and seem to be flying off the shelves. We also have a some new products in the shop. My particular favourites are the cushions, aprons, towels and oven gloves made locally in Sevenoaks by 'Giddy Goose'. These are beautifully made and sensibly priced and, for the environmentally conscious, they carry very few transport miles. With our intrepid (and messy) den builders in mind, they have created wonderful camouflage aprons - a perfect present for rugged young chefs or artists.

We have had lots of good feedback about the new play equipment. The spinning log seems the most popular. With a lot of determination, Freddy finally managed to cross the swinging monkey bars yesterday. He is thrilled because I had told him they were for 7 or 8 year olds - nothing like a bit of competition to spur them on!

Several children have chosen Riverhill as a venue for their party this year. The barn offers a fantastic venue for an 'Indoor Party' whilst outdoor explorers have loved a combination of a treasure quest and den building followed by a picnic tea delivered to the viewpoint. Laying 'the trail' and coming up with the clues has certainly kept me agile in both body and mind!

We hope that the scaffolding will be taken down this week to reveal the new decoration on the main house. It is easy not to 'look up' but take a moment to admire the re-rendered chimneys and painted windows as you make your way down from the car park! It may not be glamorous but it was essential work made possible by the success of the garden opening project - so thank you all!

I hope you enjoy these views taken from the top of the scaffolding.